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Through Fasting I Took Control of My Life!!

by Anonymous

Hi All,

I never thought I'd be capable of completing a week on a fast...but here I am after successfully completing an 18-day juice fast.

I had lost control of my life, the people around me, my health and fitness and my emotional strength. My parents had just separated from a 25 year marriage and my relationship was in tatters.

I drank every night and would eat more and more to help escape feeling trapped in my life. I was my own prison guard. I realized that only I could help myself. My partner and I committed to a 7-day juice fast.

Day 1-5 was full of headaches, weakness and dizziness, diarrhea, bad breath, skin break outs, horrible back pain and muscle tension, my partner was highly emotional and argumentative.

The most confronting part was facing up to the negative food addictions I had created. I dreamed of food night and day, thinking I was hungry. I realized I needed to fast for longer than a week to break this cycle of impulse eating.

Day 7-14 fasting became a part of my every day life. With so much extra time on my hands I filled my mind with nutrition research, emotional freedom techniques and reflexology concepts.

I relaxed in Epsom salt baths and sauna's and I felt a sense of freedom and control over my life I've never experienced.

Day 14-18 friends and family were concerned. I'm now 3kg's lighter but looking revived and healthy. I became so angry at this point. Angry at myself for not taking a solid stance to be the leader of my life.

Through fasting I learned that I could achieve absolutely anything. My mind was so clear on what I needed to do. I realized that the problems in my relationship were never going to be solved.

That the relationship was dragging me down and not letting me be me. With the same intensity I realized the damage my dad had caused through his affair and that he'd lied to me.

These relationships are no longer part of my life. I've cleansed my body and mind, I've terminated negative relationships, and the finale for me last night was spring cleaning my apartment.

I now feel I have created a legitimate fresh start and know that my happiness depends on the quality of my thoughts. Thank you so much to everyone that has posted their got me through some tough times.

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Aug 05, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 27, 2008
3 kg?
by: Doug


Congratulations on your discipline! It is so great that you did this and feel so good now.

I do have a question, though; were you fasting on juice only? You said you lost 3kg which = a little more than 6 pounds. It seems that if you were drinking only juice for 18 days that your weight loss would be greater than 6 lbs.

I have been concerned because I told a friend about this site because she wants to detoxify but she is too skinny already! I did not intend for her to come here to start "fasting" but wanted her to just read all the great information this site offers.

She has started fasting on juice now though and I am afraid that juice fasting will make her more underweight than she already is.

If you juice fated 18 days and only lost 6 lbs, maybe it's OK? I'm very concerned for her because she is too skinny and has a tendency to over-do everything. I am a bad friend, I should have been smarter than this.


Doug H.

Sep 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

Congrats on your new found happiness!!!

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