The Food Fasting Experience - Day-By-Day Process


In this Food Fasting page we move on to the second day of the 30-day water and fruit day-to-day experience,which was characterized by more intense hunger pains, headaches and an overall sense of being lost and hopeless.

WE LIVE IN A WORLD THAT OFTEN TELLS US THAT 'MORE' IS BETTER. Fasting for weight loss may be good for the holy - some may say. But the common perception appears to be that hunger - REAL OR IMAGINED - must be appeased at all times and without question.

Seriously, there is a huge problem with people not wanting to wait for anything. Wanting everything 'yesterday.' In business that attitude is probably good. But with food and eating, this 'desperation' is totally counterproductive.

Let me say it as clearly as I can: If you are not willing to go through the hunger pangs, detox symptoms and emotional upheavals that come with fasting for weight loss (or with any weight loss regimen), you simply will not make it

I have good news: No matter how crappy you may feel while fasting for weight loss or dieting, you are not going to die. Hunger will come to harass you, but if you learn to ignore it and stand your ground, it will pass and you'll move closer to your goal. Visualize a large NO in your mind.

Fasting for Weight Loss and Cravings

Anytime the hunger, cravings and symptoms try to knock you off course, look at the word NO in your mind. Refuse to give in. Keep walking through the process; visit the Fasting Forum and ask for support. There are lots of great people there who are willing to motivate and encourage you. And keep saying NO to the hunger and temptations; these will eventually pass. I go through that NO exercise almost every day. Read More ...


Many people are very excited when they learn about about fasting for weight loss. They can lose a lot of weight in a very short time, how they can restore their health and even look a few years younger. Not many, however, realize that fasting places you in battle with your body, as well as your mind. Not being mentally prepared for fasting is, by far, one of the biggest reasons why many are unable to reach their goals. Here are some links to posts directly related to fasting, weight loss & the mind. Get your mental artillery in place! You can do it!




A lot of times people are so eager to start fasting for weight loss, that they do not prepare their bodies for the process. If the person has been eating poorly for a long time or is obese, not preparing prior to a fast will result in severe detox symptoms and very intense hunger pangs. These symptoms, while inevitable, can be minimized if you follow a structured cleansing diet for seven to 14 days prior to the fast. Not only will you start losing weight, but the body will begin the process of detoxification which, in turn, could minimize the symptoms during the eventual fast. Read More ...

Water Fasting - The Ultimate Fat Burner and Body Detoxifier

Water fasting is one of the most powerful restorative disciplines known to man. Not only can you lose one-to-three pounds daily (or more), but your body is purged from all toxins in the digestive system, stored fat, vital organs and the bloodstream.  Water fasting for weight loss can help you shed the fat faster than any other method in existence. The body basically begins to consume everything in its path in an attempt to find energy. Stored fat is tapped into first. That is where the worse of the toxins usually hide. When most of these hidden fat deposits are tapped for consumption, all of the toxins get dumped into the bloodstream. This can be very uncomfortable, but it is a healing process like no other. Read More ...

Juice Fasting - A Nutrient Powerhouse and Supersonic Fat Burning Machine

Juice fasting for weight loss is by far one of the most powerful ways that you can start to lose weight and get your health back. Unlike water fasting when one drinks only water, juicing allows you to sample from an endless variety of fruit, veggie and beet/potato recipes, and much more. If you are new to fasting, I encourage you to begin your journey with juice fasting. Juicing, however, will still be a challenge, especially if your diet has been poor for a long time and/or you are significantly overweight. When I prepare myself a glass of juice (which I do almost every day), I never cease to be amazed at the explosive nutrition that we have at our fingertips. Every human being would benefit highly from regular juicing. The high-concentration of nutrients provided by juicing are very hard to attain by other means.  Read More ...

Dry or Absolute Fasting - The Mysterious Discipline Which Many Say Can Cure Even Viruses, But That We Know So Little Of

Dry or absolute fasting means exactly that: Going through a period of time without eating OR drinking anything. While some have gone into the deep and accomplished as many as six days without food or water, the most common length of a typical dry fast is three days. I would not recommend absolute or dry fasting to anybody who didn't already have vast experience with fasting and calorie restriction. I hope that in years to come, more scientific research may emerge related to dry fasting and its impact on human health. Read More ...

Intermittent Fasting For Quick Weight Loss and Detox Body Cleansing. How to Fast on Alternating Days and Still Drop The Pounds Fast And Benefit Your Health.

This page includes an excerpt from my book The Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Formula. Here I want to smash any excuses that may be left for not fasting by talking about the various ways in which one can start practicing this discipline on an alternating fashion.

No matter what your schedule, time or mental/physical disposition may be - or if you are juggling many things at once like the fella in the picture above -, this type of partial/alternating fast is a good option.

Whether for a day, a few days, half-a-week, half-a-month or just several hours, intermittent fasting can get you going on the road to weight loss, improved health, healing, life-extension, anti-aging and increased energy/vitality.

Yes, those are HUGE benefits! If you have struggled with your weight for a long time, then ANY reduction in food intake, no matter how small, will always produce positive results. So, my point is, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? :-) This is the moment you have been waiting for. The time has come for you to seize the day and start taking the action needed to bring about the weight loss and health improvement that you deserve.

These are not empty words offering frothy emotional appeal. I come from a deep place of binging, obesity, isolation and darkness. It is as a result of practicing these principles that I have dodged certain death and now have the privilege of sharing this website with you. Life is too short... there is way too much to experience and enjoy. If you have arrived at this page looking for ways to shed excess weight and improve your health, then THIS IS IT!

I want you to STOP procrastinating and "thinking about it". Rather, I hope that you START taking action. Let the rest of your life begin right here and now! I'll do everything within my power to motivate you and give you information that can help you reach your intermittent fasting weight loss goals. But you have to become willing to do what it takes to produce the results, right? One of the most common rebuttals I get from people when I talk to them about fasting is: "Oh, I just don't have the time! Besides, I would be too weak... I wouldn't be able to function!"

While indeed a fast longer than eight hours CAN produce weakness, doing it for shorter periods of time does not and CAN be fit into virtually any schedule and/or lifestyle. The weight loss and detoxification with intermittent fasting may not be as quick and dramatic as one would experience during a prolonged water fast or juice fast, but they come if you are persistent. Let's dive right in and see what intermittent fasting is all about and how you can get started right away. Read More ...

To Hell & Back (Rob's Story)
How Fasting Saved my Life & Helped Me to Lose 110 Pounds, Which I Have Kept Off For More than 10 Years

For my complete story and a detailed look at the strategies that helped me (and still do) to overcome binge-eating and obesity, I invite you to read my recent book Binge Free: Triumph Over Binge-Eating, Confessions of a Former Food Addict, Volume 1.

At the very height of my binging and obesity, I simply could not stop eating. I was like a machine stuffing junk in my mouth without any thought of my health, life or future. Sometimes I would get so sick that I would actually vomit all over myself while gorging. I did not care. I would just continue to eat. Wouldn’t even change my shirt. In my mind, I was garbage and did not deserve even the slightest of human dignities.

Ever since I was a small child, I recall always feeling inadequate, ugly, weak an unworthy. This translated to lots of bullying in school and very few friends. The kids called me “the ugly fat cow.” Anytime I would walk by or get in the bus they would start “mooo, mooo, mooo.” You know how tough kids can be. I was terrified to go to school. I was the overweight, nonathletic, dark-skinned kid in the group.

The ugly duckling. My mother worked hard to raise and support me, but it was very hard as she was alone. My father was a very famous Latin American singer in the 1960s and 70s and I guess he was too busy with his fame to care much about me. So he left us when I was very young. I was always in emotional pain. Food gave me the hiding place and “medication” that I needed. I recall that for a great part of my childhood my grandfather ran a little shop from the house.

Kids would come up to the kitchen window and order candy, sodas and fried goodies. Needless to say, I ravaged the candy when noone was looking. It was not unusual for my grandparents to find tons of candy wrappers under my bed. “You’re eating my profits!” grandpa would shout. I could not stop. I was not even ten years old and already was a food addict.

My mother went on to remarry, but the father image that I longed for did not materialize. In fact, there were periods of mental and even physical abuse. I retreated further into my shell. Girls did not like me, I had no friends and became a total outcast. This went on through high school.

Many other things happened and for a period of time I lost a lot of weight. It was mostly due to my huge love for Rocky and Sylvester Stallone. But that did not last and my binging eventually led me to regain all of the weight. Read More ...

Robert Dave Johnston

Fitness Through Fasting-Editor/Webmaster
Publisher:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine &
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Hunger Pain Attack

Last night I woke up at around 3:00 AM with fierce hunger pains. If the stomach could talk it would be yelling at the top of its lungs.
This food fasting episode was blinding. I spent a few minutes rummaging through the refrigerator in search of a treat.

My particular weakness through my many years of middle-of-the-night binging was pastries, cookies, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and large glasses of milk and orange juice (I could often drink an entire gallon of  orange juice or milk in one night). 

But I had cleared everything from the refrigerator a few days prior, with the exception of two bags of apples and several six packs of seltzer water, lime and some gallons of regular drinking water. That was it.

Still, I continued to search frantically in hopes I would find something I had missed. Lucky for me, I did not miss anything. I am sure, however, that tomorrow night I may search yet again. After ransacking the fridge and cupboards looking for food, I went to the bedroom and started getting dressed to hit the donut shop down the street. 

My cat just sat there looking up at me as if I was crazy. I felt crazy. It then occurred to me that addicts and alcoholics often felt this same sensation. Fear of relapse to the old obese, destructive life sobered me a bit. I knew that the guilt, remorse and feeling of hopelessness would hit me hard and fast once the donut went down my throat.

I drank a large swig of water and went back to bed. It took me about half-an-hour to fall asleep as the mind continued its argument in favor of ice cream, pizza and cheeseburgers.

"Perhaps you can go to an all-night burger joint down the street," it told me. "We just want you to know that we know the burger joint is there if you decide to stop this food fasting idiocy."

I fell asleep very slowly while my stomach pulsated with the most intense hunger pangs I have felt in quite a while. Such is the path of food fasting. This is where many people give up. Why didn't I give up? Because I have been through these attacks many times before. They always pass and I love the feeling of victory that I get when I stick to my guns.


The morning of this Day 2  fasting experience was a little better. Hunger pains were still there, but not as sharp as the night before.

I drank some Herbs & Prunes.

Herbs & Prunes is an excellent cleansing supplement that always fosters notable bowel movements within three to six hours. Black Tea helps to calm the nervous system and gives me mental clarity to continue walking through the withdrawal and hunger pains, which could continue up until day 9 or 11.

I know that some fasting experts look down on me for endorsing green and even chamomile tea. They indicate that anything barring water is not 'pure' fasting. I say the hell with it: whatever I can take to help me get through these valleys, I will take it - SO LONG as it doesn't interrupt ketosis.

Some people stop feeling hungry in as little as three days of fasting.  I can only pray that such is the case with me. Green tea has properties that increase body temperature and has been know to aid in weight loss. You can go to Green Tea Weight Loss for more on how this can help food fasting efforts.

1:01 PM

The hunger pains are tolerable at this moment, but emotionally I am feeling very sad and lost. There are many uncertain areas in my life and I realize that I have been using food to cover up much fear and lack of hope.

It is easy to focus on the body by gorging so I do not have to look around and address other areas of my life. This is the case with me. But I am pressing on nonetheless with this food fasting experience.

Another "foe" that is becoming more and more apparent in this food fasting experience is TIME. The road ahead seems so long and arduous. I look at my huge belly and feel like the task at hand is overwhelming.

Time seems to stand still when one is food fasting.

I make a very strong effort to keep my mind away from clocks and watches. Focusing on 'how much longer I still have to go' simply injects frustration and anger. And I know all-to-well that these emotions can easily lead me to break the food fasting prematurely.

It is important at this point to stay focused as much as possible on the here and now; not allow my mind to venture into the future and thus fill me with fear, doubt and unbelief. Just for this very moment, I am hanging in there. That is what matters and what I want to stay focused on.

I ate an apple and drank some seltzer water. My stomach is in neutral and the food fasting hunger pains are manageable.

Pulsating Hunger

During the afternoon I went to the Tai Chi classes to maintain a sense of normalcy in my schedule while food fasting. Overall, I am noticing that the hunger pains come in pulsations.

In other words, everything seems to be alright then, suddenly, intense hunger pulsations hit me out of nowhere. So far, however, they have not lasted for more than roughly 15 minutes.

When they strike, I open a seltzer water with lime or take a large drink of water from the plastic gallon. Today I also have eaten three apples. Apples are my favorite and I can carry them around in my briefcase wherever I go, which is good.

I try to stay away from bananas because I love them so much and can easily overindulge. Food fasting with apples and pears works the best for me, I have noticed. I also spent some time stretching on the floor. Due to my weight I developed lower back problems and some type of sprained muscle in the heels of my feet.

I learned from a fasting old timer that stretching while food fasting was very good because it loosened the muscles at the same time that the weight comes off.


Earlier, as I was driving to the Tai Chi class, I also noticed intense feelings of anger and bitterness hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything around me bothered me and I had a stream of negative thoughts rush through me.

That I was not gonna make it. That my life was going nowhere. That it was all hopeless and useless. But, thank God, I am aware that these voices are but ghosts trying to keep me down and thwart my efforts. Within a half hour the anger was gone, although I do feel a lingering sadness.

For about one hour I also became very weak and developed a slight temperature, but it did not last. I had one main bowel movement in the early afternoon, but nothing else since then.

I will start weighing myself in tomorrow.

Overall, the day was tough and had its moments of intense hunger pain, anger and uncertainty. Yet my awareness that these symptoms are normal really saved the day.

I know that eventually all the symptoms will disappear and I will feel better than ever. I can't wait. That oasis still seems like a million miles away. I hope to sleep well and not experience the same hunger pain attacks that hit me yesterday.

I drank a cup of black tea and am turning in. I feel determined yet scared at the same time. The food fasting quest continues in Day Three of Fasting to Lose Weight.

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