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A Fasting for Weight Loss Diet Helps You to Develop 'Mental Muscles' to Resist Hunger, Junk Food Cravings and The Urge to Overeat

by Robert Dave Johnston

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A fasting for weight loss diet can help you discipline the stomach so that you can learn to handle hunger. If you have struggled with your weight like I did, then you know that 'mastering hunger' is a big deal, something that has real, life-giving value. The mental workouts required to develop this discipline can come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a good example from my daily life:

I write lot and am often in need of office supplies. I go to a store down the street, and right next door there is a donut shop. They make these gigantic apple fritters that always call my name. Every time I walk out with my supplies, the mind immediately invites me to enter the donut shop "just to see."

"Come on Robert," the mind says. "Why can't you eat just one?" The chatter is very annoying. I have gotten pretty good and ignoring the voice and simply going about my business. If you are in a fasting for weight loss diet, it is imperative that you keep close watch over your thoughts, feelings and impulses. Learn to identify, isolate and run away from every thought, feeling and impulse that wants you to break the fast. 

What works for me is to realize that there's no such thing as 'just one.' I can stick to the fasting for weight loss diet NOW, go through the discomfort once and reach my goals, or I can keep giving in to the hunger, cravings and mental machinations that lead me astray. That's really the crux of the issue.

I spent years giving in to hunger, starting many diets that I didn't finish, always wanting the results but never willing to walk through the initial discomfort. I wanted a fasting for weight loss diet to be easy. And so my weight continued to balloon into the stratosphere... my health started to deteriorate and adverse consequences began to emerge, particularly liver sickness, depression, alcoholism and unbridled binge eating disorder.

With a fasting for weight loss diet, the key is resisting the hunger and detox symptoms that emerge during the first nine to eleven days of the fast. When you resist the physical and mental temptations and stay on the path, you will begin to develop a crucial 'mental muscle' that can literally transform your relationship with food. That's what makes a fasting for weight loss diet so powerful; it teaches us to resist and endure hunger. A lot of us need to learn this lesson, badly.

The cravings and hunger pangs that come in a fasting for weight loss diet are, in essence, deceiving us into thinking that 'doing what they say' will solve the problem. "Eat that pepperoni pizza and you won't feel so bad." But it's a lie. Any time we give in, we end up feeling worse, never better. Resistance and endurance is the way to short and long-term success; and fasting can help you to develop these skills very effectively.

This process of detoxification usually lasts nine-to-eleven days. It is during that time that the hunger and other symptoms are strongest. After that, they wane and often disappear. That is definitely something that you can look forward to; reaching the point where your body is free of toxins and hunger is a minor irritation. Whatever discomfort you go through initially is small in comparison to the huge health and weight loss benefits that you will gain.

A fasting for weight loss diet is very strong medicine. It forces the body to consume/digest the toxins that accumulate from poor eating, and simply from being alive.

Whatever it Takes

Me, for instance. I just finished a 50-day water fast and, let me tell you, it was the hardest of any fast I've ever done. I walked into the fast ill, so that definitely was a factor. But I took one look in the mirror and KNEW without a doubt that I had to do this. I had to get to the point where: I don't care how much it is going to hurt and how much discomfort I have to go through. I don't care, I don't care, I don't care! I want to be well and healthy.

I got so angry, you don't know. I felt that I was starting to go backwards. Being 'OK' with being 'a little sick' because, after all, you are free from binging. That's great that I am free from binging. But new times call for new (and more assertive measures). For me, those 'more assertive measures' mean fasting for weight loss... doing a water fast of at least 30 days so that the body can detox, cleanse, heal and do what it does best. My point is simply this: Take action! Become willing to do whatever it takes to achieve optimum health and wellness.

With the growth of technology, microwave goods and INSTANT EVERYTHING - taking the road-less-traveled of fasting for weight loss is NOT the most popular course of action. For many, the train of thought seems to be: Live to eat even if it kills you later. I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW.

The relentless and insane compulsion for immediate gratification, as it relates to food and eating, is leading millions to an early grave, like blind lambs to an unforgiving (and self-inflicted) slaughterhouse. Fasting for quick weight loss is a powerful antidote.

I recall when it was unusual to see someone who was more than 100 pounds overweight. Today, it is the norm. It really breaks my heart to see what obesity is doing to good people. The problem is that many of them don't want to hear it. I have been told to screw off more than once by obese individuals who were 'offended' when I spoke of fasting for weight loss and health improvement.

Deadly Indifference

Ive told this story before, but I'll repeat it here because it really touched me to the core. It has to do with a lady I met at the market who was obese and her 'cart was full of candy, fried foods, sugar, sugar, fat and more sugar, sugar and fat... and plenty of alcohol.

We struck up a conversation and, about ten minutes later, she ended up telling me how heartbroken she was because her dreams had not materialized and she was trapped in a desperate binging situation. She said she was 125 pounds overweight and had tried different diets, to no avail. I saw an opportunity to carry the message and tipped my hand. I told her all about my monstrous past with binging.

I told her about fasting for quick weight loss and how it helped me get my life back. And then everything changed. The moment I suggested a solution, she flatly closed the door and said: "Oh, I don't need any of that stuff. I'm good. The doctor has me on diabetes and blood pressure pills, so I'm good."

And in that manner she walked away with her shopping cart full of death. I've seen her (and she has seen me) in the market several times since then, but she flat out ignores me. She hates my guts! Will all due respect to this lady, that is nothing short of insanity. What about you? Are you.... "good?"



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