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You Can Start Fasting to Lose Weight
Fast By Making Simple Changes
In Your Diet & Lifestyle. Drop the Excuses & Accept Personal Responsibility
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by Robert Dave Johnston

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fasting to lose weight fast transforms lives

Many people that I talk to love the concept of fasting to lose weight fast, but that's about as far as it goes. Skip a meal? You're kidding, right? The problem, as I perceive it, is that most people want the results without having to go through the sacrifice.

A lot of them come to this website thinking... "Cool, fasting will give me instantaneous weight loss, one pound a day... good deal." But they want it to be easy. When they see that it isn't... that it requires commitment, planning, resolve and perseverance... they chuck it to the "doesn't work" list and go on to something else.

And so they spent their whole lives. Always looking and trying, but never reaching their goals. NOT because ALL fasting to lose weight methods and other methods don't work, but because they simply don't have the backbone, the guts to take whatever discomfort and hunger is needed to save their lives.

Some people I have talked to about fasting to lose weight fast said they "resent" having to go hungry, and that they "should" be able to lose weight without "being asked" to give up their favorite foods. I kid you not.

These are all real conversations. One of them was with a man that was 150 pounds overweight. Yet, even in his desperate condition, he still is full of rebellion, resistance and arrogance. Great guy. Brilliant and charismatic.

But, with that attitude and in his current weight, he is a heart attack just itching to happen. What do the voices of resistance within you say when you are presented with dealing with temporary hunger and discomfort to lose weight? What exactly do they tell you?

Yet I am always willing to take the message of fasting to lose weight fast to the next person and get egg in the face, as I often do. Many people are intrigued about fasting and its benefits, so long as they themselves aren't asked to do it. Fasting to lose weight- or ANY change requiring sacrifice - is the last thing on their minds. At least until illness strikes. Then, in panic, many run to hospitals and demand a CURE. The almighty doctor, some believe, is the solution to the obesity problem.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - rather than embraced by taking action to prevent disease and improve life quality - is bypassed in favor of pills, surgeries and countless other unnecessary procedures.


Don't ask me to be responsible for my own life. Don't confront me about my laziness and unwillingness to go through discomfort or change to get better. Just FIX ME and send me home. Oh, and hurry - dinner's awaitin'!

Just a Few Minor Changes

And in this manner the masses become totally dependent on disease treatments in search of a cure. Or perhaps not a cure, but merely 'stabilizing' the sickness so that it is, at the very least, tolerable and not life-threatening. Very little, if anything, is done in the area of disease prevention. And it is all so simple, really. A few minor changes to a person's life, and he or she would receive notable health benefits.

One day of fasting to lose weight per week. Cutting out refined flours for a month. Fasting every other day for 12 hours.    Skipping a meal every day for three months. Not eating anything after 8pm. Going for daily walks in the evening after dinner.

Eliminating white bread in favor of whole grain. Zapping all sugar intake for a month. Baking or broiling meat instead of frying it. Drink club soda with lime instead of a sugary cola. Fast every Sunday for the next three months. Try juice fasting for three days. Do water fasting for 24 hours every other day for a month .... And I could go on and on.

Lots of simple actions that you can take to start moving towards the solution of your weight problem. You have to take steps daily towards the solution.

Otherwise you will remain forever stuck in the problem. And that problem will breed only dissatisfaction in your life. Because you DO want to get better, you see? I know that you do. I know you're sick of being overweight and not being able to wear the type of clothes you want to wear. I know that you want this more than anything.

So then, what is holding you back aside from yourself? Fasting to lose weight is as easy or as hard as you want it to be. It is hard if you are seeking comfort and ease.

But if you are sick of the way things are and become willing to do whatever it takes, then the discomfort and hunger of fasting will be like nothing. Such was the case with me when I did my first 40-day water fast. I felt very little hunger and discomfort because I was so totally fed up with the way I had been living. I became a drill instructor and told the body to shut up and do what I asked. And so it did.

It really is not ROCKET SCIENCE guys. The change may not come overnight, but it WILL come if you are persistent and have the humility to keep moving forward, even if it feels silly or like a waste of time. That is the beginning of better days. And once you get good at fasting for weight loss and handling your body's reaction, you can go deeper and experience even greater riches - mentally and physically.

It's all there... up for grabs to anyone who is willing to step through the threshold and say, "I am willing to overcome. I am willing to go through short-term sacrifice in order to attain the long-term benefit of losing excess weight and optimizing my health."

Is there anything more important than this? Once you get to 'taste' that freedom and feeling of wellness, you will never be the same. The more we start to say NO to food, the more we start to get to the deeper 'heart issues' that have been suppressed and ignored by eating. There it is. There's the road-map to ultimate recovery and freedom. But you have to put down the freaking fork!



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