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A Quick Weight Loss Fasting Diet Promotes Powerful Body Detox Cleansing and Long-Term Disease Prevention. More on Food Addiction and the Obesity Epidemic

by Robert Dave Johnston

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Carrying out a 40-day weight loss fasting diet helped me to overcome more than 20 years of binge eating and obesity. That is why I have so much faith in this amazing discipline. And, from what I can see, its practice is very sorely needed. Here's why: FOOD HAS BECOME A DRUG ADDICTION just as destructive as smoking, excessive drinking and use of illicit substances.

Like the last days of the Roman Empire, excess is taking its victims in a carnage of obesity and food debauchery.In a perfectly legal fashion, the drug, FOOD, is claiming victims by the millions - many being oblivious (or indifferent) to the fact that they are killing themselves - ONE BITE AT A TIME.

Weight Loss Fasting Diet & Willingness

But there is a way out, and it is NOT just a diet. The most important part of the solution is this:

You must become fed up with living the way that you have. You must become willing to move away from your comfort zone and, instead, face the unknown and take responsibility for your health and wellness. And a weight loss fasting diet is a powerful guide through that unknown. It can transform your mind, body and spirit in ways that you cannot imagine.



So, here are the options: You can stay in what is familiar and continue to produce the same adverse results, OR you can decide that you are going to lose weight once and for all and improve your health. What is it going to be?

I started Fitness Through Fasting because fasting saved my life and I want others to receive the same benefits. Calorie restriction (via juice, fruit and water fasts) is, without a doubt, one of the best preventive cures that one can practice. A weight loss fasting diet helps the body RID ITSELF OF DISEASE-CAUSING TOXINS that accumulate in the bloodstream, fat deposits and digestive system from the food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink.

Fasting also increases mental clarity, relieves depression and gives the person a powerful window of opportunity to make permanent eating-habit changes. Moreover, a weight loss fasting diet opens doors to INSIGHT AND SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING that does not surface while one is constantly gorging on cheeseburgers and French fries.

Here's a Q&A with me answering general fasting-related questions.

By doing a weight loss fasting diet, one gives the body time to rest from the constant process of digestion so it can divert its resources to healing and detoxification. An eating VACATION can renew a person's entire being and provide a fresh and dynamic perspective in every aspect of life.

This is NOT an exaggeration, by the way. It is my hope that through the articles presented in this site, you too will give weight loss fasting a chance and receive the gift of life that it has given me and countless others. The ugly fact is this: FOOD TRULY CAN KILL

A Plague of Epidemic Proportions

Particularly in the U.S., OBESITY HAS BECOME AND EPIDEMIC - a true plague. The U.S., to some extent, has become what I have come to call THE ANTI-PREVENTION NATION.

Here is the alarming scenario:

* Millions - young and old - are swarming to hospitals seeking to be CURED. Unfortunately, many of them do little (if anything) to prevent illness from surfacing in the first place. They allow themselves to become obese, toxic and sick but don't take action to get better. They are constantly visiting the doctor in search of THE MAGIC PILL while continuing to succumb to binging, sloth, apathy and despair.

Now this isn't to say that ALL medications are bad and worthless. This website is NOT dedicated to talking about THE EVILS OF MEDICINE as some may choose to do. Medicine can be great and I myself have been helped by it during my path of recovery from liver illness and chronic depression. What I AM talking about is the short-sightedness of relying ONLY on doctors and medicine to address our personal health.

Not wanting to assume personal responsibility; not being willing to do everything WITHIN YOUR GRASP to improve and enhance my health. A weight loss fasting diet is a mighty weapon that, if practiced as a lifestyle, can help stop disease before it has a chance to even start. As I said before, the problem usually is that many just do not want to assume this responsibility.

And so, obesity and toxicity continue to produce a rabid harvest of sicknesses including diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease and strokes (among others). Ultimately, if left unchecked, obesity and toxicity can lead one to pay the ultimate price: DEATH.

But I have much better hopes for you, dear friend. The fact that you are taking the time to read this page means that you have at least some level of willingness to improve the quality of your health. And a weight loss fasting diet can definitely help you get there in a relatively short period of time. As I said before, you don't have to be a superstar and fast for weeks to receive a benefit.

Anything at all that you can do right now, even if it is fasting one meal daily, will begin to move you in the right direction. A weight loss fasting diet is all about taking hold of your health before you face the negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. In my opinion, it is much easier for me to discipline myself with fasting than it is for life to discipline me eventually with sickness (because I failed to take action). 

There's a concept that I use that I call "effective laziness." I am, in essence, a very lazy person. Therefore, to be able to get to my leisure activities as quickly as possible, I tackle all of the hard and tedious work first and with everything I've got. I want to get that hard work out of the way so that I can go do what I really want to do. See what I mean? And it works the same in relation to a weight loss fasting diet.

You can sit around and think about starting... talk to others about starting. However, the work seems heavy and, because we don't want to go through the discomfort, we continue to procrastinate it. What you need to do is jump into the weight loss process right away and with all of your might. Stick to it with fervent determination.

Do not allow anything to sway you to the left or right. Get it over with once and for all. That way you can move on to more interesting things, like wearing that size bikini you always wanted to fit into, more self-confidence and health. For me, getting the weight loss issue out of the way liberated me from years of trauma with my upper body. When I got very fast (before the weight loss fasting diet), I had what are known as 'man boobs.' It was terrible. But they're gone now! I got up, put on blinders and took the weight loss action. Now I can go to the beach, take off my shirt and not be afraid of anyone going, "moooo, mooo, mooo!"



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