The Anti Prevention Nation Volume XIV - The Amazing Health Life Formula Part 4 of 5 - The MPSE Balance

Fasting Helps Restore the Mental,Physical,Spiritual & Emotional Balance

Greetings! This is Sonia Noemi, nutritional consultant and skin care professional. I am part of the Fitness Through Fasting.com staff and am here to talk to you a little more about the Amazing Health Life Formula (AHLF) that we presented in a previous newsletter. I am especially interested in portraying the relation between the words "Fitness" and "Fasting".

We started to touch on this topic on The Anti Prevention Nation Volume XIII. If you need a refresher, visit that backissue and read it again when you have some time. It is our purpose to give you information and encouragement so that you will be motivated to make whatever changes are needed to improve your health and overall sense of wellness.

True Fitness

When one looks at the word "Fitness", the first thing that often comes to mind is physical exercise, muscles and a sleek, well-toned body. While indeed that IS part of the definition, I have come to realize that fitness is much more than that. Much more For me, Fitness is a Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional (MPSE) balance that determines the ENTIRE quality of a person's life experience.

If you read that last sentence again and think about its meaning, I am sure you can see just why FITNESS is so important. A person can have an amazingly-muscular body, yet be mentally tormented by depression, insecurity and/or anxiety. Another may be highly spiritual and intuitive, but be obese, toxic and in danger of chronic illness. A dear friend of mine was a genius in business. However, her votatile emotional nature caused her to make decisions that were not in her best interest financially. Can we say that any of these people are FIT just because they are smart, athletic and/or spiritual?

One could argue that these individuals have apparently mastered ONE area of their lives. But are any of them really FIT? I submit that these persons have only cracked half of the "Fitness" code. Perhaps you can look at your own life and see areas where you are doing well. By the same token, you may look at other areas and find yourself struggling.

Which part of the MPSE balance is OFF in your life? Most important: what are you willing to do to improve? If your answer is anything short of "I will do anything to make my life better", then perhaps you are not truly convinced that any type of change is needed. Or perhaps you know that improvement is needed but aren't willing to put in the effort. Or perhaps you have lost all hope and feel nothing can help. I hope this article at least makes you think about your life, where you are and and what you want for your future. If you ARE ready and willing to make that change, then the discipline of fasting can definitely help.

"Fasting can expedite the restoration of that all-important MPSE balance. We have found fasting to be one of the most dynamic ways in which a human "being" can purge him or herself from both tangible and intangible toxicity (mental and emotional "garbage" can often be worse than any junk food). Fasting brings what ails us to the surface and helps us to address our MPSE deficiencies".

For Example

The Mind, Body & Spirit as ONE

If a sponge is immersed in a bowl of mucky water, you will likely NOT be able to notice the dirt just by looking at the sponge from the outside. Externally, the sponge will probably look fairly clean. It is only by squeezing the sponge that one is able to see what it TRULY has on its insides. The same is the case with human beings.

Fasting "squeezes" the mind, body and spirit. It brings to the surface all of the physical, mental and spiritual muck in our lives and helps to facilitate breakthrough and transcendence. This is the total "Fitness" lifestyle that we advocate and want to help you grasp.

A Little Bit About Me

The reason why I have such faith in what I am telling you is because I experienced it and have seen its huge impact in EVERY area of my life. In the previous newsletter, we talked a little about the Baby Boomers Generation, of which I am a part of. I am VERY interested in letting you know that advancing in age DOES NOT have to mean diminished health and wellness. If anything, I feel better than ever! There IS such a thing as aging gracefully. No matter how old you are, you are ONE year older than you are last year, right? What is your life going to be ONE year from now?

Well, that will depend on the type of decisions you start to make today. So no matter where you are, or how many times you have tried and fallen, I am here to tell you that It's Never Too Late To Choose Again! Fasting and The Amazing Health Life Formula has touched my life in ways I could not have imagined. Its holistic approach has become a permanent part of my lifestyle.

Some years back I had an awareness that led me to confront a lot of dysfunction and make some very drastic changes in my life. I was "awakened" from my slumber and somehow given the willingness to do whatever it took to recover and flourish. I have gone from an overweight, tired and emotionally-drained person, to one that enjoys dramatically-improved MPSE balance today.

My Awareness

Wonderful people - and God's Grace! - helped me to realize that THERE IS a connection between the body, mind, spirit and emotions. For the first time in my life, I was able to see the negative repercussions I suffered when I allowed that delicate MSPE balance to be broken. I realized I needed to make immediate changes if I wanted to break free from the chronic state of apathy and dissatisfaction that plagued my day-to-day life. Yes, I longed for a life of purpose and meaning.

Mental,Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Balance Shattered

I was tired of living a daytime soap-opera filled with pain, suffering and endless drama. I was overweight, depressed and sick; in an abusive marriage and estranged from my profession which I loved. I didn't want to live. I just followed the rhythm of "what I was told I should be and do".

I had given people, circumstances and my negative belief system way too much power and validity. I did not know there was any other way to live. I did not want "them" to leave me. And, needless to say, I was paying a very high price, although I did not realize it at the time. I was totally disconnected from who I was, my feelings and - most of all - from God my Creator. In short, my MPSE balance was shattered.

And My Life Changed Indeed

Realizing just how low I had sunk was a very rude awakening. It was very painful to suddenly SEE that I had allowed people, places and things to affect me in such a negative way. Now I just had to start discovering how to recover the power I had given away ... it was time to take-back control of my life, spirit, mind and emotions.

Implementing fasting and The Amazing Health Life Formula has helped me to restore the MPSE balance. I have learned to take care of every aspect of my being. For example: I have lost nearly 50 pounds and have not gained any of them back in more than 20 years!

I have a system and structure that I follow on a daily basis to maintain a structure and stay in check. Best of all, fasting and the AHLF has reversed much of the physical damage I did to myself through years of poor eating. I discovered that fasting actually has marked anti-aging effects. Today, I look much younger than my actual age!

Mental,Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Balance is Possible

Harmonious Living

This, however, does not mean that I don't have my share of difficulties in life. We all have difficulties. But the truth is that if the mind, body and spirit are working in harmony (because of the daily steps one is taking daily to nourish each area), then it will be much easier for one to handle the daily pressures of life. By working for this harmony (yes, I said work!), one can have a much more positive and assertive outlook which, in turn, can help one make better choices and decision.

Now, achieving all of this can be quite difficult if one does not have "a manual to follow with directions, motivation and inspiration". As for me, I have modified my food paradigm from one of binging and emotional, compulsive eating, to one of self control, health and permanent weight loss results. I have learned to break my destructive eating, thinking & behavior patterns by creating new ways of thinking (something that I thought was impossible).

I now have different tools and visualization techniques that nurture my spirit. I also have a meal plan with meal ideas, and 10 eating commandments that I follow every day. I thought that water and juice fasting was "too difficult", but now I have a simple a-b-c- system that has helped me achieve amazing body cleansing and detoxification. And this system is called to Fastingology. When I was introduced to the concept some years back, I did not realize the huge impact it would have on my life. And so it has been since then, because it has given me a "permanent" lifestyle based on total MPSE balance. If you would like more info on Fastingology and learn how it can also help you, follow THIS link.

A Final Recommendation

One key resource that we want to higly recommend to you is Himalayan Crystal Salt. I started adding it to my water while fasting but have continued using to this day, whether or not I am fasting. Himalayan Crystal Salt is known to contain energy and healing properties that assist in bringing the body's regulatory system (homeostasis) into balance. This fosters improved blood pH, digestive system functions, brain activity, respiration, and it also helps remove heavy metals from your body. Highly recommended supplement!

Don't miss our next newsletter. We're going to talk about something really cool! Can Fasting and the Amazing Health Life Formula, besides helping you with detoxification and losing weight, actually stop and even reverse the aging process? Stay Tuned!

Thank you for being a part of Fitness Through Fasting!

Warmest Regards,
Sonia Noemi

Fitness Through Fasting
Nutritional Consultant / Skin-Care Professional
Contributor:The Anti Prevention Nation Ezine &
FastingOlogy 9-Month Membership Course.

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