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Lemonade Diet Recipe: Explanation of Lemonade Diet Recipe Ingredients & Detox Symptoms - Starting the Fast...

by Robert Dave Johnston

Lemonade Diet Recipe - Lemonade Diet Recipe 03

Welcome to the Lemonade Diet Recipe page. This is page 3 of 4 of this Master Cleanser series. In these articles, we discuss "what" the lemonade detox diet is AND "how" to carry it out and break it properly.

Here are parts ONE and TWO in case you haven't read them. If at any time you have a question about the lemonade fasting diet that is not answered in these articles, please Contact Us.

In this page we are going to continue our discussion on the lemonade detox diet, focusing on its ingredients and other details to help you get going. If you already have all the information you need to get started, you can visit The Raw Food Site and purchase a kit with all of the lemonade detox diet ingredients.

These kits are great and come with everything except the lemons!

Here is a breakdown of the main ingredients involved in the lemonade diet recipe and their specific function:

Maple Syrup - No Pancakes

Maple syrup is indispensable because it supplies the body with calories, vitamins and minerals. There are different grades of maple syrup: Grade A, which is mild and with less minerals. This is the first type of syrup that comes out of the maple tree and is the most expensive. The lemonade diet recipe uses Organic Grade B Syrup which has more minerals, vitamins, maple taste. Grade C maple syrup is the least expensive and is the one most commonly found in supermarket shelves.

Maple Syrup - Not Honey

It is NOT recommended that you trade maple syrup for honey. Why? Because honey enters the blood stream directly and raises sugar content and energy. But this "pick-me-up" you receive will come at a price. I used sugar for a lemonade diet mixture once because I had run out of syrup and did not feel like going out to buy more (General Hospital was on :-). The honey tasted pretty much the same as the syrup so I was good to go, right? WRONG!

The next day when I woke up I felt like the living dead. Worse yet, I felt drowsy, slugging, weak and extremely irritable all day long. The craving for sugar and overal hunger pains got really bad. I nearly succumbed to a six pack of donuts. Soooooo; please, don't do it. The lemonade diet recipe is challenging enough on its own. There is no reason to make it harder than it already is.

There are some who say honey is damaging to the human body because it is "digested" by bees in the comb - thus becoming a processed food of sorts. They say that honey is bee-vomit and should never be ingested. Well, we're not here to get into a debate for or against honey. All I can suggest is that you stick to the lemonade diet recipe as outlined.

Do not re-invent the wheel, particularly if this is your first exposure to fasting for weight loss and detoxification. The Master Cleanser well exactly as it has been designed. Unlike honey, maple syrup is absorbed much more slowly by the body and has actual nutrients that honey, as pure sugar, does not. Again, stick to the lemonade diet recipe as is. Do not bring unnecessary discomfort upon yourself. Later on, once you are a pro, you will have time to experiment.

Lemon & the Master Cleanser

Lemons contain so-called Bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are a group of plant pigments or phenolic compounds responsible for the color of many flowers and fruits. Citrus Bioflavonoids are also found in other citrus fruits such as orange, tangerine and grapefruit. The Bioflavonoids in citrus possess antioxidants that help fight disease by neutralizing free radicals that damage body tissue and can lead to heart disease, strokes and cancer.

Bioflavonoids are said to contain anti-aging properties. The high Vitamin C content in citrus fruit as lemons has been hailed by alternative medicine practitioners to be vital in the strengthening of the digestive and immune systems.

Cayenne Pepper

Lemonade Diet Recipe- Lemonade Diet Recipe Cayenne Pepper

The Lemonade Diet recipe includes cayenne pepper because it breaks up mucus that adheres itself to different parts of the body, including the intestinal walls. Herbalists say it has been used as a tonic to help blood circulation. Cayenne pepper is also said to warm up the blood stream and thus provide additional energy.

Studies have shown that cayenne pepper can help rebuild stomach tissue by assisting the intestines in the elimination and assimilation process. It is a high source of vitamins A, C, complete B Complex, calcium and potassium.

Detox Symptoms & Other Pointers

When toxins are mobilized out of your body, you may have cravings for the very same type of food that is causing the most toxicity in your body. Say, for example, that you overindulged in pepperoni pizza. I did! It is possible that the cravings, at their height, will kindle fantasies of the taste of pepperoni and cheese melting in your mouth as you chew. Don't give up. These cravings will disappear after a few bowel movements. If the bowel movements feel hot, then your body toxins will tend to be highly acidic.

Other detox symptoms of the lemonade diet recipe include tiredness, irritability, aches, pains, nausea, vomiting and headaches. You will know that the detoxification process has come to a successful conclusion when all symptoms disappear, particularly the white coating of the tongue and bad breathe that often results. Your body is now free of toxins and you have a brand new lease on life. But the process is not over. You must now focus on properly Breaking the Lemonade Detox Diet.

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